14 February 2011

Foodography Challenge February

I've joined a challenge known as Foodography Challenge where an ingredient is chosen each month and photographed by various people. Its a great way to see how others interpret a subject and a challenge on how we perhaps can improve and enhance our pictures. Looking through some of the entries has really been exciting seeing I can learn a lot from other people.

February has plums as the challenge - something that is in full abundance here. The cupboard has been stocked full of plum jam since Christmas and I'm still loving it. But I just wanted to keep it basic and capture the beautiful shades of yellow and reds in these plums. Hopefully I've got it.

The kids and I greedily scoffed these down after the shoot.


PaisleyJade said...

The colours are amazing - beautiful photos!!!

jacksta said...

Love it Mon. I like the one with the knife...only because I have a knife fettish! What a cool challenge!

Heather Baird said...


Vanessa said...

Gorgeous Photo!! and what a great idea!! I will have to look into the foodography challenge - wouldn't mind trying it out myself =)