29 December 2012

Christmas In Katikati

I really don't think anything beats a summer Christmas, and as someone who was born in the Northern Hemisphere I enjoy the relaxed summer atmosphere of Christmas down under far better than a white Christmas. The sun, the kids playing outside, camping, the smell of sunblock and the drinks in the sun. That's if it doesn't rain of course!
This year it rained, but there were glimpses of clear weather and we made the most of it.

Here's our special little Christmas in pictures for you.

This was probably our quietest Christmas ever. But it was just what we needed.

It's been one heck of a year.

17 December 2012

Kids Baking and Decorating Class

Next year I am looking at doing more of these, particularly during the school holidays, which I am really looking forward to.

We made gingerbread men and decorated vanilla and decorated strawberry jam cupcakes.
Lots and lots of laughter and fun for these delicious girls.

And they got to leave with a couple of bags of cupcakes and cookies to share with their family.

The gorgeous aprons are handmade by my talented friend Ash from Smashcakes

15 December 2012


Today is shining bright and beautiful and full of summer promise here in NZ.
I woke up to sun in my face and I thought YES today is good!

Then I heard the news. 
20 children gunned down, teachers gunned down. Another senseless mass murder in the US.
The last time a school massacre affected my mind this bad was when the Columbine shooting occurred  Owen and I were on our honeymoon at the time, the wedded bliss became rather less shiny. Events like this are hard to ignore and forget, even when they occur on the other side of the world.
I then discovered a beautiful blogger friend has her kids at Sandy Hook Elementary. And I am so thankful they are safe.

My prayers go out to you Laura. The community and your neighbours, your kids friends and the trauma they have all had to suffer. The innocence they've lost. And for those who will be missing Christmas without their precious family member.


13 December 2012


 This girl....

Today is 8.

Eight years ago today I became a mummy for the second time around to a 7 pound 5 ounce frowning little girl. She was my one and only natural birth and compared to the other two, she was a breeze. It was a dream birth really. And she's been a dream ever since. Okay, so anyone who knows Katie knows we've had our nightmare moments too! But she's made us laugh a lot over these last 8 years and we love her to bits for being such a loving, energetic and happy kid who has that constant sparkle in her eye. 

So I've left a photos that sum this kid up for me.

Happy Birthday Boo! We love you dearly and madly!

THAT is a look of happiness and triumph on my face.



When we found mummy's lipstick...

When we found chalk


Taken this morning before school. My delicious girls.

11 December 2012

Week in Pictures

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted. I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well. We've had a crazy few weeks while Fairview Golf Club, my husband's workplace, held a Pro-Am tournament that had taken up all our time. 

Now I am elbow deep in Christmas baking and preparations, although slow as the kids have been dropping like flies this week with a vomit bug. Hopefully that will be all cleared and out the way in time for my precious soon to be 8yr old birthday this week!

I'll leave you with our week (or two) in pictures....

The kids checking out the new work tractor

Johnny's Rippa Rugby final, sadly lost but heartily played

The Katikati Santa Parade

Making Christmas decorations, treats and listening to endless amounts of Christmas music! Yay!

Making chocolate peppermint cake...just because

Narrowly missing a much more serious injury, involving a sharp stick and a jumping energetic boy.

Enjoying the summer!