09 November 2009

Birthday cupcakes

It was my brother in laws birthday this weekend so we had a lovely summery lunch to celebrate. Madeline even made a pinata, and it didn't rain. A good time was had by all!

These cupcakes are passionfruit swirl with a white chocolate ganache and a blob of passionfruit curd to top it off.

And these are vanilla with a honey berry topping - these ones were egg and dairy free.

The berry topping was a bit experimental and didn't quite turn out how I had hoped. First of all they were pink when I didn't quite plan for that! The girls picked some strawberries from our garden (the birds had graciously left us a couple of small ones) and so I whizzed them up with some frozen berries. The colour was incredible! I had wanted to dollop them on top of the honey topping but the honey topping was so super sweet I figured if I chucked the berries and splash of lemon juice it would take some of the sweetness away. But it all went pink (of course it would...duh!) and then the margarine separated because of the lemon juice. It tasted great though!
So the final look is not what I wanted at all, but I've discovered the Williams family is always happy to be experimented on!

Happy Birthday Hugh!

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