14 September 2010

Pastoral Care Evening - Cancer

Next Thursday night St Pauls are holding a pastoral care evening on cancer. There's been a number of people diagnosed or know someone who has been diagnosed in the church this year and St Pauls pastoral team are holding this as a way to meet the needs of the people who want to know more.
This involves four people who will share on different aspects of cancer - namely, a medical perspective (that's mum talking!); what it's like to go through chemotherapy (that's me talking!); what it's like to lose a loved one to cancer, and a pastoral response to cancer. An open discussion time will follow the presentations.
Its bound to be a very interesting evening.

Details are: St Pauls Church, 25 Symonds St @ 7.30pm if you or anyone you know is interested.

I'm busy working on what I'm going to say -there's a lot to say but getting it down on paper is proving a tad difficult. Hopefully it goes well!


Sammy said...

I an sure it will go well, Mon! Will be praying for you xxx

Mon said...

Thanks Sammy!

Gail said...

What a great thing to be able to offer the community. I hope it goes well and that you are able to help answer any question. Our family has lost 3 to cancer (all grandparents) and my four year old great-niece is currently undergoing chemo and radiation treatment for 2 tumours in her body. thankfully they have shrunk considerably in a short time... God is Good. It has been a hard time for the family - lots of questions but pressing into God. She is an amazing little girl withstanding more than what I think I could.

Mon said...

Oh Gail, that is hard. Poor wee thing. Things like this leave us all with a lot of questions for God hey? I've been brought up knowing that bad things happen to good people but when its sweet little children that get such a hammering just from the treatment alone its hard not to question why.