20 October 2008

Duathlon cupcakes

The Bayswater School Duathlon was yesterday morning, and after a half hour practice riding her bike without training wheels Madeline and the rest of us set off for the school. Thankfully her age group is not in the actual duathlon yet, and she was happy to settle for the junior cycle safely event, where pretty soon she decided a bike and constantly scraping her legs on the pedals was not her style and reverted to her scooter. But the day was beautiful and warm and we had a great time together.
Parents were asked to do some baking for the cake stall so I got to work with some cupcakes. Blue and white are the new school colours so I attempted that, but the blue kind of turned into an aqua blue, and I just went with whatever I could find. I used the chocolate fudge recipe again as its the easiest and I can get 16 from one cake mix. They didn't turn out too bad, and when I secretly went to the cake stall to get a look at what had sold there were only 4 left.

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