28 December 2008

Christmas is here!

Well after the whirlwind baking storm the oven broke. What does that say about how much baking went down in the last few weeks? After a panicky trip looking for a new oven before Christmas Day we found a stunner and I am so much more excited about baking again! YAYAYAYAY! I (or we??) got a stainless steel De Longhi gas top with an electric oven with so much more options and much more efficient baking.
For Christmas Day I made chocolate fudge with cherries and date place names and decorated with white fondant and used my blue sugar pen. Madeline helped out and proudly decorated a few herself. She did a great job and had fun too!
Thankfully with such beautiful weather we used the BBQ and I was hardly in the kitchen so we had a gorgeous day on the deck really. All I baked was some delicious bread and a ginger and sour cream cake, a simple but delicious recipe made with fresh ginger rather than ground dried ginger. The flavour was much cleaner I thought.
Here's the results...

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