30 March 2009

Why so many March birthdays?

I happen to know 9 people alone who have a birthday in March. It's a busy month! Apart from Madeline's birthday I made a few extra cakes for friends including a double choc fudge and a 3 layer lemon cake. The lemon cake was a little dense so really needed a light buttercream lemon icing to help it out a bit. I also made a gingerbread ring, carrot cake and a chocolate tart for one birthday party. The chocolate tart was in the oven a little too long (this was more experimental as the recipe was for small individual tarts so I had to guess at the cooking time - and didn't guess well) so I need to try that one again.
So along with all the baking I did this month I put on 3 kg extra. I really really need to step up the exercise to keep up with it all. Especially with Easter around the corner. My next mission is to get some Easter biscuits made up with the kids, fun!!!

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