01 June 2009

Happy Birthday Liz!

Well its a fabulous day because it's a day off work and school for everyone, it's the first day of winter (officially) and it's a cloudless blue sky (but INCREDIBLY cold) and it is also the Queens birthday. Well not her actual birthday but we are just so pleased to have a 3 day weekend really so who cares.
Katie at the age of 4 believes everyone should have a party when its a birthday and today is no exception so we henceforth embarked on some cookie baking, roast pork eating and a whopping big yummy chocolate cake that mum made. Jolly good show!


kate said...

Gorgeous! I completely agree with Katie! We had scones and cream and jam, loads of random family and friends visting, and then leek risotto with chicken and white beans (grownups only) - kids had jamie oliver's creamy garlic pasta which is a go-to goodie in my house! Biscuits and cake look fabulous xx

Madkat said...

ooh sounds delicious Kate, I forgot about scones...how very English!!