05 August 2009

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter! It's so easy! Well the last part is anyway.

I had a big cheap bag of peanuts which were cheap because I bought them with the shells on still. For the first few it was fun shelling them and eating them. Then it got messy, tiring, and a lot of work went into the shelling for a small bowl of peanuts!
Once I had convinced Katie it was fun to sit and watch Playhouse Disney and shell peanuts at the same time she was right on board and I got a full afternoon of child labor while I went and had a nap (if only).
I also discovered making peanut butter requires just a food processor as long as your peanuts are roasted and unsalted. So we chucked our hard work into the food processor with a pinch of cinnamon and Katie wanted some milo in it too. Here's the result:

A beautifully peanutty very crunchy paste with a hint of cinnamon and chocolate and so much more flavoursome than supermarket bought (which has tons of salt and sugar added to it).

Madeline, who is our household peanut butter expert declared it "yum". How can I go back to buying from the supermarket now? All you need is a good bag of roasted, unsalted peanuts, a four year old to shell them and a food processor and any spices/flavours you want accompanying your creation. I should mention I added a small amount of rice bran oil to mine purely because my mixture was a little dry, but you don't need much.

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