05 October 2009

Cashew Butter

Today was the worst day of the holidays so far, in weather terms that is. The kids were bearable...just! Katie decided paint splatters looked far better on the wall than the paper she was painting on, but nothing a bit of elbow grease wouldn't fix. After a busy weekend away up north they were in fine form destroying the house. But the rain did not cease today. I had a stash of roasted cashews in the cupboard and decided today would be a good day to use them. So I made cashew butter, and then had a brain wave and made some more up and added some lovely melted dark chocolate to it to make a cashew and chocolate spread!
This is so easy...try it yourself! First of all choose your unsalted, roasted cashews. I used a 1/3 of a 500g packet.

Then put them into a blender and mix until the cashews are small and resemble breadcrumbs. Its okay if they are still quite dry. If you have a stick blender these are best for getting the paste consistency. It is quite dry at first but keep on persevering and get it to the consistency that you desire. I like a paste with plenty of bits still in it but you can make it really really smooth if you prefer.
Then add your melted chocolate. I used about 100g. If you like a rich chocolate then use more, it really doesn't matter. Pour into a jar and cool.

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