06 November 2009

Super Duper Exciting News and other things...

Well the exciting new is that I got on the show Next Top Baker. Terribly exciting and right now my brain has turned to mush so I hope I get my act together before it starts!!
There's more info I'm sure but it means that I probably will be doing some mega baking in the next two weeks to really brush up on my basics - especially scones. Any tips out there, please give them to me!

All the other things I was gonna blog about, like the final session on our Wilton course last night have gone completely out the window...that's the mushy brain part! So heres the cake I made. See all the lovely Wilton techniques? Yeah well it all needs practice. The colours were rather nasty but it was finished and I got my certificate!

And here's another one I did for Owens work mate. Just a simple design.


Kiwicakes said...

I am so excited for you. I can't wait to follow your journey on this! If you need any help with anything cakeish (not scones I don't have the answer to that one)
Or you need help with a tool or supply along the way for a special creation - let me know, I'd be happy to help wherever I can
Kind regards Sandra

Johnny said...

Sandra, you are so kind! Thank you, I'll definitely be in touch!

Unknown said...

Hi Monica, I watched Gary Rhodes on TV doing scones once and he said never to twist the cutter when you cut the rounds out, just press down otherwise they will try and twist as they rise and won't rise as well?!? Hope that helps. Good luck with everything, you can do it! x x Kim