17 November 2009

Weekend cakes

This post was supposed to go up on Sunday evening but I had a few glasses of bubbly and misplaced my camera which had all the pics on it. We've all done that right?...No? Okaaay moving on.

Obviously because I am now posting these pics up I got my camera back. My lovely friend Fiona found it and I got it back today! Hooray! The above photo has to be one of my all time favourites as it shows two of my favourite things; cake and Cheltenham beach when the sun is just coming up (the kids were up early). This is what I get to wake up to everyday. Did I ever tell you I just love New Zealand?

These are cakes I made for a 70th birthday and the other cake is a farewell cake for the same lady. The cakes are lemon with lemon buttercream icing for the farewell cake, and vanilla with dark chocolate filling and chocolate buttercream icing for the birthday cake.

The next was for a First Holy Communion morning tea celebration for Isabel, one of Madelines closest friends. We had a wonderful morning enjoying all the treats!
They were lemon curd with a lemon buttercream topping and a wee sprinkle of edible glitter for a bit of sparkle.

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