19 December 2009

Christmas rush...

Wow this Christmas is so so busy, the busiest yet I think. Ever since the show filmed I've had something on every weekend, so I will be so pleased to sit back next weekend and enjoy watching the kids play with their Christmas presents and potter down to the beach after consuming all the Christmas leftovers.
This weekend is a flurry of activity as Owen is making a playhouse for the kids for their Christmas present. Except its not so much a playhouse as an extra wing to the house!! Its gonna be huge!

I've dramatised the angle a wee bit but it is big. They better play in it!!

Here are some more gift ideas for Christmas - especially good for clients, teachers and various people you want to gift something small and sweet to:

These are the chocolate and fruit cakes I made for teachers earlier on in the week and some passionfruit cupcakes for those that aren't fruit cake fans.

Today I made some cupcakes for a wee girl turning 2. What better way than to combine a Christmas and birthday party for everyone - that's what we used to do when Katie was little. I made 30 cupcakes in a christmassy birthday theme.

Ho ho ho happy birthday!!

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