02 December 2009

Delissilinks - Gingerbread Houses

I was thinking of tackling a gingerbread house after my first silly effort at it last Christmas. It went down a treat with Owens workmates and although I hope to improve I won't be quite at this standard. Check out this. Spluch: Prize Winning Gingerbread House . AMAZING.

But what about this one? This is so sweet. I love the idea of personalising little houses. A great gift idea from Williams Sonoma.

Or a gingerbread castle?

Or this one?

Made by Barry C. Parsons. This took about 50 to 60 hours to complete. Parsons uses a wood rasp to fit the gingerbread molds together and then pipes the icing shingles onto the roof using a ruler and toothpick. The windows are glazed with caramelized sugar panes. WOW! See his other creations and recipes here.

What about this? Gasp! Look at all that piping.

Is anyone making one this year? I would love to see your creations!

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