15 December 2009

Katie's Birthday

Katie is finally 5! Phew. Its been a long wait. I think she started counting down about 7 months ago. About 6 months ago she was ready for school.
So off she trotted to school yesterday morning with her new Hannah Montana bag, which was so huge she could have fitted herself into it, and wearing all the jewelry and hair accessories should fit on her wee self. She loves it! Although, she is getting a pretty sweet deal this week as all they are doing are making Christmas decorations watching movies and swimming - absolutely no hard work as its the last week of school before a long summer break. But for now its great.
Making her cake however, wasn't so great. She wanted a chocolate cake. Easy. Made. Done. But when they were in storage waiting to be iced, one of the cakes broke in half. Fine, use the filling to keep it together and just use it as the bottom half. Then the weather was so humid the buttercream wasn't setting properly and the cake was just sliding around everywhere. My only solution was to cram as much onto the fondant as possible so it wasn't too noticeable that the cake was actually quite wonky. By 11pm on Saturday night I was only putting the fondant on and stayed up for a wee while longer just finishing it off. The main thing is that Katie LOVED it and that's all that mattered!
So here it is. Chocolate cake with butterscotch buttercream and fondant:

And also these passionfruit cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing:

But I must say I secretly really miss my little buddy. At least I have another 6 weeks before she's back at school.

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