23 January 2010

Cute factor!

The reason my posts have been few and far between in the new year is because I've spent half my time organising my 30th birthday party. More to come on that in the next post but I just wanted to put this one up.

Yesterday was my actual birthday and this gift from my sister in law was too cute not to share!

Georgie Scarlett Jewelry is a shop with pieces designed by Sandra Gunn and is based in Devonport. This is how she wrapped the necklace! My sister in law told her I love baking so she made up this cute box for the necklace....out of recipes and pictures of cakes.

With a cupcake ribbon...

and the final part is so clever!

She uses pages from childrens books to make a paper bag, sealed with a sticker! Love love love it! Ingenious, cute, almost homemade feel but super duper cool.
Check out her website or her blog or her shop in Devonport - Shop 5, 13 Victoria Road.

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