28 January 2010


Yes, well the big news is New Zealand's Hottest Home Baker airs next Thursday night at 8.30pm on TV3, and if you miss that there is a repeat screening on Monday on Food TV at 6.30pm. Finally! I'm really nervous and excited all at once.
My bro Eddie, over in ole Blighty, is so excited about this that he told his workmates and they did this on their blog. Poor Colin. He is truly a lovely man, and his hair looked fabulous on set.

So stay tuned to the telly. The other thing I'm excited about is MasterChef NZ on TV1 starting next Wednesday. I've really been looking forward to that and am SO glad its not clashing with my show because I don't have MySky yet!


Kiwicakes said...

I have MySky, I'm gonna have to book you in, so I don't miss anything and so I can rewind to watch the funny bits again (if there are any)

Johnny said...

Lol! There's definitely going to be funny bits!