25 January 2010

I'm 30 now!

So yeah it was my 30th birthday party this weekend. And yeah I made my own cake. Sad, I know, but I knew exactly what I wanted, as well as it being a chance to make my first 3 tier cake. I had planned an 80's theme party and the outfits that arrived through the door on Saturday night were hilarious!

This is what I made, and I didn't take proper photos as I misplaced my camera and this is the best I could get...so I jazzed it up with Saved by the Bell type naff 80's background.

The top tier is lemon, middle is banana with dark chocolate ganache filling and the bottom is a beautiful carrot cake with cream cheese filling. All topped with fondant. This was so much fun to make!

I also did 70 cupcakes plus some gluten free chocolate chip ones, which sadly didn't get any photos at all, but I am told they were delicious. And then the pics of the ones below are blurry so I'm a bit gutted after all the work I did on them!

The cupcakes are choc mud with a peppermint buttercream and the other ones are lemon with a lemon buttercream. All served in these great little cupcake wrappers in zebra and leopard print from Kiwicakes!

It was so great to have my family and friends all together for a good party. My huge thanks to everyone who helped me out and just turned up to have a good time!! Big thanks to Az and Rachel for the music set up, and another big thanks to Rachel H for the awesome vodka jellies, even my mother-in-law had one! Massive thanks also to Emma, Becs, Sani and mum and dad for help with food, decorations and music assistance. You guys are all totally rad!

So now I can relax and enjoy my week with my lovely Amy who flew out from Brisbane especially.


Kiwi Cakes said...

Hi Mon. Love the sound of peppermint buttercream. No one in my family likes choc peppermint except me, so I may have to make some for my birthday, except I missed 30 by a couple-a-few years, so may be when I turn forty in a couple-a-few more.

Dallas said...

Hi Ma Baker,,, tks for party I loved your cupcakes,,, tried both and they tasted great, Lemon was my fave. You are a lucky girl staying so slim and stunning with all the baking you do! I'm guessing it's the kids that keep you fit not the creaming of all that butter,,, : )

Mon said...

Sandra - Lately I've been chucking it into everything so I'm a bit peppermint obsessed!
Dallas - You are too kind! I'm putting the lemon ones on the menu for the tennis club baking...so come down and enjoy them when that starts up!