13 January 2010

In Memory: Militia 1993-2010

I never knew I could ever love an animal so much.

When I met Owen he had this crazy little Staffordshire Bull Terrier who used to jump into peoples' cars if they left their door open, didn't matter who it was. She loved a good car ride. When we married she was part of the package.

Me and Milita in 1998.

Owen found her in 1993 as a puppy running along Cheltenham Beach, took her to the pound but no one claimed her, so he kept her. And she never grew up, she was always a puppy. And a roamer; even with a high fence around the garden she still jumped over and ran away, mostly to North Head but we've picked her up in Mairangi Bay, Glenfield, Henderson and just about all over Devonport.

She had a real knack of making friends with dog lovers on her trips and everyone who took her home and fed her before ringing us to collect her were all just awesome people and we are forever thankful. Even the time she ran to Devonport and stupidly decided the Clydesdale horses that take all the tourists on the Devonport circuit looked like a good lunch but got kicked and thrown against the ferry building and broke her leg badly. She was picked up by the locals and taken to the vet. That was an expensive bill. One of many!

She was so gentle and patient with our 3 kids. Every time we brought a new child home from the hospital we would bring her over to meet them, she'd give a little lick and a sniff, then trot off. Apart from being a bit clumsy and sometimes sitting or walking on a child she was always gentle, even when having her tail pulled or being sat on, she would just put up with it. She loved being around the kids and having their company.

She was most happy when she was around people, and although she annoyed many with her constant licking, she was as loyal and as sweet a dog as you could get. Certainly there were many frustrations, as you get when you have a pet. Like the time she snuck into my Easter supplies and ate all the carefully handmade chocolate packages I made up for the family. She ate them on our bed. And was sick for days.
Her last escapade was only a few months ago when I returned from being out. She had escaped out the garden for the gagillionth time. Knowing she wouldn't get far, and being an old doggie I was quite worried and spent the day searching for her in the rain. By 4pm I gave up only to find her on the back deck having been delivered by the neighbour. She had escaped to his sons bed and spent the day sleeping on it. I was so relieved and embarrassed I made him some cookies!

At the age of 17 she was ready for a long rest and this week, after a few weeks of being very unwell and no longer making noise, wagging her tail, licking our feet and even running away she gave up on life. Militia will be greatly missed. There was no other dog like her. Thankfully!

Rest in peace sweet doggy!

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