02 February 2010

Long Weekend Roundup

Well the weather certainly made this Auckland Anniversary long weekend even longer. Torrential rain, thunder, wind and ohh the humidity! My hair was so frizzy - that in itself was enough to keep me inside.
Enough with the vanity - I spent a bit of time in the kitchen, even cooking a roast pork on Saturday night, only because it needed to be used. But oh wow, here's a tip; don't cook a roast in 28deg temps with 90% humidity. Horrid. Can only be alleviated with large cool drinks. Like vodka and orange for example.

On Friday I visited my friend Ashley and took her the remains of my Nanaimo bar for her and her partner Cinzah to eat as they are both on strictly gluten-free diets, and to be honest if I ate anymore of them my teeth were gonna fall out. As yummy as they were they were so sweet but I couldn't stop eating them. She made us a lemon and honey polenta cake. Delicious, oh the flavour was intense and yet so simple! The dogs were hoping for some too.

Delicious. And she makes GREAT coffee too.



I also baked a loaf of bread everyday just for kicks. And because its one of the best smells in the world. Here's one of them:

White loaf with sesame seeds. Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the other ones because they were eaten so quickly.

I also had bought these pain au chocolat pastries from the supermarket and wanted to test how good they were. They come frozen and bake in just 14 minutes.

Simple, cheap and actually really nice, and the smell, again, was to die for. Perfect for yesterdays breakfast with coffee after a swim at the beach. Despite the awful weather Owen and the kids still went down to rough it in the waves.

Well back to school for the kids this week. I am looking forward to some more time in the kitchen. I am also so excited to be selling my baking in 3 weeks time at the Belmont Park Racquets Club in Bayswater Ave. They have kindly allowed me to use their kitchen and sell goodies to the members like scones, muffins, slices, biscuits, cakes etc etc every Saturday morning from 9am until lunch time starting on the 20th Feb. Please pop in to say hi and try something yum!

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