20 February 2010

Saturday Baking!

As of yesterday I am now selling my baking at Belmont Park Racquets Club in Bayswater Ave from 9am to 12pm. If you are in the area please come in for a coffee and a yummy bit of baking, or heck, sign up for a tennis membership while you're there!
Here's what was on today's menu...which was VERY popular with the kids!!

Chocolate mud cupcakes (the most popular by far but THE worst photo!):

Decorated biscuits - in a choice of chocolate or lemon:

Coconut and lemon slice (which was probably more cakey than slicey):

Cheese and herb scones:

and finally peach and cream cheese muffins:

It went pretty smoothly served up some fantastic coffee courtesy of my friend Arron and his Heaven Espresso blend.

It's so great to be a kitchen baking for lots of people and NOT have a 2 hour time limit and hot studio to do it in! I love it!


Kiwi Cakes said...

YUM YUM YUM I wish I was ther eon Saturday I would have had a scone & citrus biscuit (because they are so wonderfully decorated), then for takeaways I would have had a bit of that slice! If I was really greedy I would have had 1 of everything, there isn't anything there I don't want to scoff.

Mon said...

A bit of everything isn't a bad thing is it?! I call it a balanced diet. Hehe.