14 February 2010

Sun, fun and a beautiful wedding...

This weekend I had the great honour and pleasure of making and taking a wedding cake down to Gisborne for a friends wedding. Taking a 3 tier cake on a 6 1/2 hour drive was a bit of a task so everything had to be done with great care.

The cake was chocolate on the bottom tier, lemon for middle and fruit cake for the top. The chocolate cake had a dark chocolate ganache filling and the lemon cake had a white chocolate and lemon ganache. The theme was love birds with the colours purple, wildflowers and an eclectic mix of all.

I made the cakes on Wednesday and froze them and then frosted them with a vanilla buttercream on Thursday, before covering them with fondant once that had set (and the cake had thawed). Then off we went on Friday afternoon with 3 separate cakes on a long journey. I was hoping and praying the packaging and boxes were going to keep the cakes from being thrown around the back of the car or just melting from the heat. But all the worrying was needless as the cakes were perfectly fine.

This was such a fun project, not only because it was for the wedding of a wonderful young couple and the fact that it included a road trip (without the kids!!!) but because it was a weekend of fun, laughter and an awesome group effort from our friends. A huge thanks goes out to Hannah, Ash & Cinzah for helping me out yesterday with the short time gap allowed for setting up the cake. And thanks also to Will who carried the cake so carefully in the car and for just keeping me laughing all weekend long and to Owen who is just a great support to me.

Here's how it all turned out...

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