08 February 2010

Valentines Cookies and more sprinkles

Wee pink heart cookies flooded with royal icing. The cookies are orange and almond and have a lovely delicate flavour. I added orange zest as well as orange juice to the dough mix to give a great look when you bite into the cookie. Because the zest was fine there was no bitterness from it. Just great flavour.

This is a great look, and so simple to do. Make up a batch of royal icing, tint it with your choice of colour and then pipe an outline on your cookie. Mix in a little water to your icing, then when the outline has dried enough flood the inside with your watered down icing. While its wet you can add sprinkles or coloured sugar crystals. Like these ones here.

I also had a go at doing a Valentines spiral sprinkle cookie, using a different recipe which was much more straightforward, I think the food processor version is just a little too fiddly.

These ones are raspberry and vanilla and both a little pink with pink girly sprinkles. These are just such fun cookies to make!

Happy Valentines Day for Sunday!

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Julia said...

CUTE cookies!!!!!