15 March 2010

And the winner is.....


With her winning submission of a variety of cupcakes (I didn't say you only were allowed to do one) I was impressed at the variety of uses of icing; different piped buttercream techniques, fondant and even a cookie monster. So well done Narelle, a wicked effort!
You win yourself one of these (you can choose);

made by Amy Bowyer of cuteandsweet jewellry. Hooray!

I absolutely had to do a runner up because of this entry from Abbie McGarvey who for a 7 year old is showing some serious cupcake skill with her Cats By Night entry; so Abbie you get second choice on a pair of earrings.

Next is Sandra Boston who submitted a super pretty Christmassy snowflake cupcake;

Molly (10) showing excellent use of fondant and piping. Look at that little snowman! So cute!

Amy and her awesome blue cupcakes that were the only ones that were actually blue inside too. Pretty!!

By Meg (12)

Noah (9) and his Dinosaurs Beach Party

and Sharks in the Sea by Madeline (8)

And finally, although not a cupcake, this was submitted by Claire. An awesome blue iced cake for her son's birthday. May I just add that this is the first birthday cake she's made and iced. What a great job she's done!! I love it when people think something is too hard and then they give it a go anyway, especially when it comes to baking!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their entries, I'm sure this won't be the last competition I'll run as it was such good fun!

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