22 March 2010


This adorable cake from the Cupcake Gallery is just so so so cute! The monkey eating part of the cake, so clever too.

What about this stunning wedding set up by Bella Cupcakes? Like Sandra from Kiwicakes says, it belongs in a magazine shoot. Simply stunning, her blog site is worth checking out for abs0lutely beautiful cupcakes.

Laurel Avenue Bakery in Hollywood do gorgeous lovely cookies and cupcakes. I love this idea of using stamps and food colouring to stamp on fondant. I'm keen to try this idea myself. Hmm Spotlight here I come....

Something like this maybe? Except obviously without the non edible ink part!

And as usual I'm chucking something non food related in here, as I just think this is such a cool lamp, but I'm pretty sure Johnny would love it and then break it. Its on display in London and is probably extremely expensive. But a gal can dream hey?

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