15 March 2010

My sweet girl

Aww look at her.

What a gorgeous thing she is.

And she's 8 now. According to her that's properly nearly grown up. Bless. Sadly she spent all of last week on the couch thanks to a nasty bout of tonsillitis, so I was so pleased she had recovered in time for her special day.

Every year she asks for a butterfly cake and every year it is a last minute rush to get it done, and this year was no different.

See these? Both times were the shape out of the Australian Woman's Weekly Kids Cakes book. Awesome book which has been around since I can remember. I was super jealous of my friend whose mum made the pool party cake with the jelly and the chocolate fingers.

I had decided to do something I've not done before but I've seen it done well, and that is to use a chocolate transfer on fondant. Aaaand it didn't work for me.

I don't know whether I took it off too soon, or didn't put a cool enough iron on or what it was that I did, all I know it didn't work and some of the fondant also stuck to the transfer sheet and ruined some of it.
I was so gutted. Maybe if I had been more patient and this had worked well it would have looked so great, and I wouldn't have needed to add more swirls and the super big butterfly to cover up the uneven patches. Oh well, its all a learning experience isn't it?

The main thing with birthday cakes though, is that the birthday boy or girl must love it. And if they love it then that's all that matters. And I'm happy to say Madeline loved her cake, which because she actually ate it this year instead of vomiting up after looking at it, means it's an improvement on last year!

P.S it still tasted fab though!


Caffeinated Weka said...

I have used my mum's copy of the Australian Women's Weekly cake book ever since I was a kid and have made that gorgeous butterfly cake several times myself. I, too, wanted the chocolate finger cakes (or the train centrepiece) but had several gorgeous alternatives made for me over the years. Great to see that some things survive the test of time. :-)

Kiwicakes said...

Hi Mon
Sorry to hear the transfer did not work for you. However I don't think this cake should have the label "disaster". I think you did a magnificent job of saving the cake. In the past I've been unhappy with facets of a cake for my kids, but when I see their faces light up and they tell me "it's the best cake you've ever made" - then all of a sudden I don't mind the cakes faults any more

Johnny said...

Thanks gals for your comments! That book is so great huh? Just reading through it brings back so many memories.
Sandra you are too kind! I guess I'm just hard on myself when it doesn't turn out the way I like. But as you said, if they love it then I'm happy too!