05 April 2010

Friendship and family

In times of crisis I don't know how some people cope without the support of their family and friends to lean upon. I know for me it has been invaluable.

Yesterday we went to church with some close friends and mum and dad, and later in the afternoon celebrated Easter with Owen's family. To know they are all ready for hugs and support at times when it will be most needed is one of the greatest comforts. To me, it highlights the importance of forgiveness and the ability to see past people's mistakes, because when the going really does get tough, sometimes those people can be your greatest allies. This weekend is all about celebrating new life and new beginnings, putting the past behind us and seeing that the people we have been blessed with in our life are true gifts.

Since Friday that tight knot of tension in my stomach had eased off considerably with all the distractions of family life and the tireless work that Owen has been doing to distract and relax me (3 course breakfasts!). However, I woke up this morning feeling so tense and that knot has tightened again. Tomorrow is the CT scan, and the nerves I think stem from the fact that apart from having my babies, I've never been to hospital. Ever. So all this is so new and frightening. After the CT scan is the waiting for the results, another nervous wait until we hear on Wednesday. This will be one of those times where getting through each hour is the focus.

I've received email after email and message after message of support again I just want to say thank you to each and every person. I just realise how much I love all the people that have come into my life. If I was to reply to you all it would take me all day, so just take this as a huge thank you and message of appreciation.

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Pammiej2002 said...

Hello! Simoney referred me to your blog. I have only just started to read about your journey and fight with cancer. I too am a fellow journeyman...I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in August 2010. Technically I am in remission and just starting to grow my hair once again.
I just wanted to say, I have never met you but I send you my prayers, thoughts and strength.

Pamela Smith (Pammiej2002)