13 April 2010


Even a weed can look pretty. This is my hated Oxalis weed flower.

Well I had the MRI yesterday. Felt like I was trapped in a bomb shelter without being able to move, (not that I've ever been unfortunate enough to be in a bomb shelter, but I was imagining that's what it sounds like!) except in a bomb shelter you probably don't get headphones right?
Glad that's over. 
Now another wait while my breast team look at 800 photographs of my right breast.
I don't envy their job.

I'm having a bit of a dilemma, which hopefully the results of the MRI will clear up. Or not.
I am just thinking about the fact that I've got this cancer at all, and what has caused it. And I'm worried that if I have the mastectomy, the chemo and everything and that finishes only to find a lump later down the track in my other breast, the whole drama begins again. I'm thinking of saving myself the stress of spending forever wondering if I'm gonna have it all come back and just get both breasts removed??? Ahhhhhh decisions. Today is one of those days I want to just curl up in bed and stay in there. But I can't. I've got a pedicure booked (to cheer me up), Johnny to take to daycare and a pre-op appointment with my surgeon this afternoon. I can ask him all my burning questions...like can you remove the other one too??

On a good note, I finally did some baking during the weekend. My amazing friend Sandra sent some decorating stuff over for the girls to make some beautiful cupcakes.

So we made these together and Madeline learned some piping skills.

Was so much fun for all of us, especially the eating part.

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Kiwicakes said...

Glad to see the kids had cupcake fun - Boy they look tasty. I adore your photo of the sprinkles lines up like that. Must try out some depth of field photography. or whatever its real name is.