07 April 2010

Some Good News

Well I had my CT scan yesterday. 
It was an interesting one as I had no idea it involved an IV lure so I had a wee panic and a cry to the nurse. Felt really pathetic and useless and I always cry when I feel like I'm at the mercy of a system I don't understand. Naturally I then LOVE the nurses when they have a chat and are kind. It truly does make all the difference, and so far my experience with the staff at North Shore Hospital have been just wonderful.

When the scan was over Owen and I headed into Takapuna for breakfast (I had to go nil by mouth from 6.40am onwards and it was now 10am) and a walk on the beach to just collect our thoughts and talk some more and then it was a matter of waiting until today for the results.

My breast nurse rang me this afternoon at 12.30pm to confirm there are no secondaries, that means there are no extra lumps, bumps or dodgy cancer cells in my body apart from the existing tumors of course. This is good...no, GREAT news. This means I can have my mastectomy, my chemo treatment and then we can beat this. It means that I can stop imagining my body being riddled with cancer and don't jump on every ache and pain like its a death sentence. I can fight this and win it.

I am still daily encouraged by all the amazing support I have, including you Sandra for making my day, and Ruth for your support in being around today. You are amazing...


Kiwi Cakes said...

Hi Mon, I am simply overjoyed, at this news. It is what I have been hoping for, since I got the news. Now we know, you can beat this - and get on with the rest of your life. Glad your day has been made.

Widge said...

Great to hear! your news has really shaken me and I have been thinking and praying for you all throughout the day. Will continue to do so aswell!! cyber hugs your way xo

Pammiej2002 said...

I get the same way every time I have to be poked with a needle. I can not tell you the number of breakdowns I have had over a "simple" needle stick.