02 May 2010

A Day in Pictures

Olive picking in Helensville, followed by an amazing lunch afterward. 
Of course being post surgery, I didn't do any picking I just watched and rested in the sun.

And now I wanna move to the country...


Widge said...

wow love that spider web shot!! looks like a lovely day

Simoney said...

Hey Mon, Wow I've just had a chance to read back over your last few posts, and I am staggered. Those lumps! Woah! I'm wordless.

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I'm thinking of you. I also figured out the other day that you are friends with my lovely friend and neighbour Linda B. Love her.

Big hugs to you and loving your photos. (I totally get what you mean about living in the country. I used to think it was a terrible idea but lately I'm thinking, yep, one day.)

Much Luv from

Anonymous said...

Love the photo's Monk, they really capture the day and the event. No pics of the food though, I notice?
Luv ya Dad

Mon said...

Thanks Widge, that was a lucky shot!

Simone, yes I came across your blog from Linda, who posted a link on her FB page. I love reading your (and Widges') blog though. Gives me something to do while I'm recovering!
Thanks for your words too, its lovely having the encouragement to keep it up.

Dad - I can't believe I didn't take a pic of all the food. Was too knackered by then to bother! Could have at least taken a pic of that wine though aye?

Julia said...

I just read through all of your posts about your journey. I am amazed at your courage and vulnerability! Thank you for sharing!