24 May 2010

How am I feeling?

That question I'm asked a gagillion times a day. So I better answer it aye?

Well. Like crap.

My face is acned up worse than my 15 year old self.

I fart a lot. And they stink.

I hurt. All over. Including the soles of my feet.

I can't drink wine/beer/vodka. It upsets my tummy.

My hair hurts.

My gag reflex kicks in anytime a pill even comes close to my mouth. I nearly choked on a friggin panadol today.

I'm tired and grumpy.

There. That sums it up nicely. 1 down, 5 to go. 1 down, 5 to go. We're going for cure. All those positive things I just gotta tell myself.

1 comment:

Andrea. 20 something. Known as Basil. said...

Monica - I am spending my night reading your blog and I had to comment on this particular blog post. Stinky.Farts.Suck. Especially chemo stinky farts! AND hair that hurts! I thought I was crazy in thinking that my hair hurts because it does sound a little weird but I totally get what you meant here. You write amazingly well and I am getting so much out of it. Our Cancers so different but I am seeing so many similarities between our journeys.