31 May 2010

I'm being published!

In the midst of all the drama in the last few months I forgot to mention I have two pictures appearing in a book being published in November. This book here:

Another kiwi blogger and baker I follow, Vanessa from Bella Cupcakes, also has her cupcakes appearing in this book. In fact she even made the cover. Check out her stuff, its INCREDIBLY gorgeous.

I'm so excited, I can't wait for it to come out! These are the pics I have appearing. Look familiar? One of these plates was my audition for NZHHB! And of course very similar to my signature dish round on the first episode (oh those blue cookies!).


Kiwi Cakes said...

We could send Pauline a copy!

Sophie said...

Hey Mon, thanks for popping by to the blog! Love your bloglook - its a feast for the eyes. My girls were just peering over my shoulder picking their fave cupcakes off the book cover - that's v exciting that you're in it!
all the best,

Simoney said...

Oh WOW!!!
You are so clever! and how exciting too :)