24 May 2010


Last November there was an article on Campbell Live about a young woman on their staff who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was happy to tell her story and let the cameras follow her.

At the time I remember watching and thinking she was so brave, and so positive. But I didn't give it much more thought. Especially as I was heading into being on NZHHB and was busy as hell.

Then this evening for some reason she came back into my mind and I looked up the segment and watched it again. Helena McAlpine was also diagnosed with a lobular carcinoma with all of her 23 lymph nodes affected. I was blown away. Lobular carcinoma occurs within 15-20% of breast cancers. Most of them are ductal. And I've not met anyone yet who had the same as me. Not that I've met her but she totally reminds me of my cousin Carla. And she's definitely inspiring and so positive.

I don't know how she is going now, but if you are interested in watching the original article click here. (I'm not sure if you can view this overseas though unfortunately :( )

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