29 May 2010

Meet Ginger...

She likes warm sunny days and being indoors mostly. She is a fiery mix of blonde and red, so I think she can be a bit ditzy sometimes but is armed with a mean temper, which forgives and forgets pretty quickly. She doesn't require a lot of things. She only takes a bath every 3 weeks so she's pretty low maintenance.

And she's now my new best friend. Maybe? I'm not committing to anything but so far she's working out okay. I haven't had any strange looks when I've been out with her yet.
Here she is blogging with me...

We first met last Saturday when I decided it was time to decide on a wig before I felt too blah and horrid to venture out. So mum, Mads, Katie and I headed out to the fabulous ladies at Wigs by Hair Creations in Newton. Upon meeting Becs and Claire there it took mere minutes to decide. Mostly because so many looked so bad on me that by the time Ginger was placed on my head we were all in agreement. The litmus test on all wigs was that it was passable if Katie wasn't laughing at me. So, decision made, all I needed to do was wait for my hair to start dropping out.

Well this week its been slowly coming out like my hair was malting badly. But last night I had chunks coming out in my hands and my head was aching all over. In my frustration this morning I rang the shop and they just happened to have 11.30 free for me. Perfect. My incredibly wonderful and beautiful friend Ange offered to come with me for this trip and after my terrible dry lifeless hair had been shaved she did the same! Wahoo! Go Ange!
It felt rather liberating and strange all at the same time. And I didn't shed a tear strangely enough.

Showing my newly shaved head (which personally I think is quite a nice round head) to the family was a bit shocking though. Mads begged me to please put Ginger back on and hid under her jacket. That made me cry in secret just a little after she was out the room. I don't want the girls to see me upset about my hair. For goodness sake its only hair! It'll grow back!

So welcome to the family Ginger (if you see her, say hello!). And if you want to see the new bald me then look at the below pics.

(BTW That's a bit of the lamp sticking out my head by my ear. Not an abnormal growth.)

See? Not so bad aye?
Now I'm off to watch G.I Jane or V for Vendetta.


Kiwicakes said...

Am loving Ginger. Maybe you could even keep her on for high days and holidays, or when you're simply having a bad hair day - when you have your own hair back

Widge said...

oooh you are working ginger girl!!! (you are also a pretty bald person!! go you!)

Anonymous said...

You are awesome Monica!! I think Ginger is rocking, she does have a certain attitude to her ;*) Dxx

BellaBree said...

woohoo- lovin the ginger lady!....and yes you do have a lovely round head...either looks great!

Allana said...

You definately rock Ginger! She is lucky to have you ;)