19 May 2010

My First Chemo

Well I had my assessment with my oncologist on Monday, who declared me all clear with my bone scan. So with the fact that we can't see any microscopic cells we were all ready to rock and roll with the chemo for the next day. Everything went so well, and so far with the fact I'm taking every anti emetic (anti nausea) they throw at me I'm feeling quite fine.

Here's how it went down yesterday:

Before it all begins. Looking a little bit nervous.

Getting the needle in. My nurse Stan did an incredible job. And he kept me laughing.

That was easy...

Close up. Not too bad aye?

Lunch time.

Nap time

Cuddle time.

The whole thing took about 4.5 hours to get through. It was the longest because it was the first one. Next time it should take about 2 hours. The time went so fast, and was quite fun considering the enormity of what was being put into me!
I woke up this morning feeling a wee bit nauseous, but taking the anti emetic drug really does work and it went away very quickly.

So far so good...next week might be another story as my blood count decreases.

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Kiwicakes said...

So pleased to hear it went well. Don't think you could have had it any better