17 May 2010

Weekend Away

An incredibly generous, lovely and anonymous couple paid for Owen and I to have a weekend away before chemo was to begin. So this weekend we got to stay at the Stamford Plaza in Auckland. Coincidentally it was the same hotel we had our wedding night in too, and we hadn't been back since (and that wasn't because as we were checking out we were asked if we had just been to our school ball. Can you believe it? We must have looked like babies!).

So we had a lovely time exploring the city, as its been a few years. I found this sweet little bakery in Lorne St, which sold all manner of exquisitely decorated cakes and buns so I couldn't resist buying some.

Here's a green tea sponge roll, with a red bean paste in the middle, and the other cake is a red bean cake which was so deliciously moist. Worth a look if you are in the area for something different. They also make tofu cakes, pork rolls and it all smells amazing. Its also a gorgeous looking shop. There's a few of these popping up over the central city, but this one is definitely the best I've seen.

We also got to Pat Menzies and I scored these cool red Vans for myself.

I love the colour!

Such a good weekend, and definitely a great way to have kept our mind off the coming week.

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Widge said...

awesome vans!
and so cool you were blessed like this!!! way to go anonymous generous couple!!