25 June 2010

Birthday Weekend

My little man turned 3 last weekend. He loves trains (and anything with an engine or wheels) so we took him to MOTAT. He was in heaven!!
He even got two cakes as his wonderful teachers at daycare even put on a train themed party for him! What a lucky boy...

MOTAT happened to be having a military theme day and ran the steam train and tank, along with a jeep and and lots of men walking around with rifles. Johnny cried at that bit and I felt like we were on a set of Hogans Heroes meets Dads Army.
They run this every 3rd Sunday of the month and its good fun, especially for boys. It's worth a visit and it looks like they are working hard to restore a lot of the old airplanes, as well as renovating that whole aviation part of MOTAT. Take your boots as it's also very muddy!

I know noTHING!

Owen and I made this cake. Team effort as my patience doesn't extend very far for cakes these days. He's denying everything but I have to give him most of the credit!

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