15 June 2010

Day 7, Round 2

So I've been hibernating at home since Friday when the shit really hit the fan. If I thought that last time was hard, this was worse. Cumulative pain, exhaustion etc is perhaps the word?

So anyway, I spent a good part of Friday and all of Saturday revolving between the bed and the couch trying to get comfortable. My body was on fire, my mind was in the clouds, my stomach was...wanting food all the time? What gives? Oh yeah...steroids.

I'm much better than that now thank goodness but my stomach has decided food is no longer a friend and is purging as fast as I can eat. Damn.

I hope it improves next week as I am spending an entire week at an airport hotel with Owen which includes a free continental buffet breakfast every morning. AND I LOVE BUFFET BREAKFASTS (almost as much as I love Owen)! The reason for this is his training to become a sports turf manager includes a annual block course for a week. Usually down in Palmerston North, but this year is being held out at the Auckland Aviation Golf Course near the airport. So I'm going with him for some well needed peace and quiet and a stack of books and a bed all to myself all day. Bliss.

being me I'll get bored the second day into it and need some company.
Lucky for me I will! In the form of my BUB (big ugly brother) who is coming out this very minute from the airport from Santiago for two whole weeks. I'm so excited!! I love my brothers nearly as much as buffet breakfasts...

Me and Alex circa 1981

1983. Love the sandals Alex.

This is us pretending we loved each other. He probably gave me a dead leg after this pic was taken.
Much older and wiser, with Eddie our BLB (best little brother) next to me. Aren't they gorgeous?


Johnny said...

I just realised I have on the coolest crochet boots in the baby photo. Wish mum had kept them...

Widge said...

Awesome pics!! I love the one with the stripes and the little pushchair!

so stink you were feeling so gross :( Glad you get a week of bliss though!! ENJOY!