25 June 2010

My week away.

So I haven't posted anything this week due to being away with Owen on his block course out at the airport.
I spent most of my week tucked up in bed with books and Sky movies channel. So many crap movies they play during the day. What's worse is I found myself sobbing to far too many of them. Between that and Oprah's Best Life week I was sooo ready to get home and see my noisy family today. Mum did pop over a couple of times but mostly it was nice to get some catch up sleep in time for next week's third installment of chemotherapy.

I am so grateful to my parents for being surrogate mum and dad this week, putting with the tummy bugs and nasty colds my kids were sharing around. I love you heaps!!

The view from our room...

At the pub for lunch

tee hee...

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