23 July 2010

A Day in Pictures - Cornwall Park

Well after being cooped up in that hospital bed it was high time for some fresh air and family time. It's been a good many years since I've been to Cornwall Park so last Sunday seemed like the perfect time. The weather was crisp and sunny and the kids were certainly ready for a run around.

There was even a opportunity for Katie to learn a lesson in perseverance when she got stuck up the side of a steep hill and panicked. So I helped her and fell with my camera into the mud too which gave us a good laugh and a chance to help each other to the top. She felt so proud of herself for making up instead of going back down!

What a great place to go to see a bit of country smack bang in the middle of Auckland City.

I love this place. Just make sure you take your gumboots...

1 comment:

Simoney said...

Love these images! Love that park. Gorgeous, Mon.