21 August 2010


Thankful #3

I am thankful for this guy;

For putting up with SO much. Tears, tantrums, midnight wake ups. And that's just me.

For being an awesome dad to our kids, for those delicious french toast breakfasts, for still getting his assignments done on time and with such great results. For the times he's reassured me, and shared his own fears. For being honest. For just being an awesome human, who I am so blessed to have as my partner in life.

I fell in love with Owen when I was just a silly teenager back in the 90's. This skinny kid that my brother knew turned up at my best friend Becky's house one day. I thought he was cute cos he was athletic, he skated, bmx'd and was always up for a challenge with the boys. Oh and he had a really noisy car he drove all of Devonport crazy with (a matt black Mazda rotary) and he listened to Black Sabbath. Something pretty exciting for a wee naive christian girl like me. So I told all the girls I was in love with him. I was only 15. Aaaand I looked like this;

Hmm, a few improvements needed to catch a man...

Anyway, a few years went by and we became friends. And better friends. And I stopped looking like an idiot. And a long story short, he asked me out when I was 18.
3 months later we were engaged.
7 months later we were married. It was the best day of my life. Of our life.


Sophie said...

Awww that's a gorgeous story. I hate looking at my teenage photos now. Cringe central!!

Sophie said...

And btw, how you blossomed!!! How amazing the change from when you were 15 to when you were 18! Just beautiful.

Widge said...

oh my I was just looking through old pics yesterday and spotted 15 year old me with dark ink blueish very unflattering jeans and my baggy t shirt tucked in the front and hanging out the back haha Baaaaaaad...I don't feel so alone in my dorkyness now ;)
what a gorgeous couple you are. I love the teen sweathearts thing, I met my husband at 17. beautiful wedding pic!

Mon said...

I know 15 has to be the one of the most awkward ages. You want to conform but also trying to find your own style. Wide, wide leg jeans and a Sportsgirl tee was not style. But it was 1995!