16 August 2010


Well sorry for such a delay in updates. You know how last time I mentioned about being too brain addled to think and type? Yeah...well that's still happening.

I have however got a new toy (eeekk!!! yay!!) and I'm now able to sit in my favourite spot in the lounge (right hand corner of couch, closest to the heater) and blog, facebook and play Bewjeweled Blitz (my now not so secret addiction of which I am terrible at) to my hearts content. I got a lovely, amazing gift of a laptop and Mum and Dad helped with a wireless set-up which I am soooo stoked with as you can imagine. And it makes a nice change from Food TV and Living Channel...and all the other crap on TV.

Anyway, this also means I have no excuses now so here's the latest.
My last update I had just had my first dose of FEC, which went okay to begin with. My first weekend with it though I developed a tummy bug (again) which saw me either out on the bed/couch or struggling to get to the toilet (again) and it got pretty tiring. This culminated in literally my lowest point in my treatment when Owen found me on the floor at 6am Monday passed out and...well lets just say it wasn't pretty and we can agree he truly does love me. A prescription of loperimide and plenty of fluids helped that move on and the rest of the week got better and better. In fact by last weekend I was almost feeling normal, it was so good, apart from a coldsore nearly threatening me to another visit to Auckland for IV antibiotics.

Last week I headed back in for my second dose of FEC. By the time I got home I was straight on the couch and thanking God for the great anti nausea pills they gave me because I was feeling so rotten. The hardest part of chemo I would say would be the head space it puts me in. Most people just assume that nausea and vomiting is the main side effect for someone in chemotherapy, but that can be kept really well under control. For me though its the cloudy brain that turns me into a shuffling, muttering old lady who can barely just get through getting out of bed. Making a bowl of cornflakes is a whole saga. I feel brain damaged. Having a clear thought is like trying to shovel my way out of an avalanche with a spoon. It is really really hard.
Lucky though it lasts only a week for the worst of it then the fog starts to clear. Just in time for me to indulge in my favourite pastime of late...eating. Yes well it's all a bit wrong too when they tell you your tastebuds change and you will probably lose weight. WRONG. The scales are doing overtime with me lately...I'll blame the sterioids. But Little & Friday and any other cafe with delicious treats are all doing well with me in the area. Look at this gorgeous lamington, made with rich chocolate cake and a chocolate ganache rolled in coconut. THIS is no ordinary lamington. And I ate it all. Myself. What a guts.

I urge you to go out of your way and try this shop for its delicious, delectable treats (orange and rosewater cake, beautiful brioche, delicious huge espresso cookies, massive meringues, fudge) and great coffee and an amazing shop interior which feels like you've just sauntered into another world. It's so unique I can't describe it. Go to it. 43c Eversleigh Rd, Takapuna. But don't go on Mondays or Tuesdays, cos they are closed then.

Well I'm signing off and going to go and sip my blueberry and kiwifruit smoothie made by the incredible Alison who keeps my body from completely tipping the scales by feeding me incredibly delicious and nutritious food. Everyone needs an Alison and I'm so blessed to have the best one EVER!!!

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Kimberley Hayman said...

And again I'm crying fat tears of sadness that you are going through this horrible horrible disease. Know that you are loved and we are all still praying for you in the UK. x x Kim