23 August 2010

A whole bunch of people

Thankful number five.

There are so many people who since my diagnosis have rallied and supported us so amazingly, and so practically.
I would like to shout out to the following people for their amazing selflessness and love in helping make our little family life work through this;

Aunty Marje - for just making life that little bit easier around the house. You are so loved in this house.
Pip - for the wee treats!
Narelle and Susan - my school mum heroines. For the school drop offs and the roster organising. And for just being excellent friends.
Ash - for being there at the beginning. I'll never forget that. And thanks to Cinz for letting that happen. ;)
Ange! What can I say? You are mouthwateringly talented and I love laughing with you.
Megs for the fruit and vege drop offs.
Toni - for amazing selflessness, and that Mousse cake that Ash is still swooning over. You are truly a beautiful soul.
Becs - for being ready to do anything. You've always been there.
Nestle - for that incredible hamper (and Claire O for organising it - you sweetie!).
Chris and Leanne - for the hats, flowers and the wee little things I find in the letterbox to brighten and cheer me along. Honestly, its soooo lovely.
Will and Hannah - for keeping the wine and the laughs flowing.
Emma - for being there and being so beautiful. I can't describe how much we love you.

We are so thankful to everyone who have donated a meal or some lovely baking as its all been so gratefully received (and consumed). So thank you to; Dallas, Katie, Jo, Jude, Kim, Maria, Nicole, Tina, Amanda, the Peart family, Clare, Claire (Dobson) and Claire (O'Shannessy), the Popplewell family, Auntie Lizzie, Auntie Sue and anyone else who has helped out. Many apologies if I've missed anyone - I'm doing my best at thinking off the top of my head!

This won't be the last "bunch of people to thank" post, because there are more and the list seems endless and I will be endlessly thankful.


Simoney said...

That's awesome Mon! So glad there are so many supporting you and showering you with love!

leanne and chris said...

Hi Monica
So glad to hear you have finished the treatment !!! wow what a good feeling for you and your lovely family. I look forward to hearing how the next step goes. LOve and hugs Chris and Leanne