01 September 2010



I thought this time would never come. Since hearing the words 18 weeks of chemotherapy, August seemed a long and scary way off. But here I am. In bed, feeling like death but it's okay; it's the first day of spring and it's sunny outside for the first time in ages, and dammit its the last time I have to feel like this.

I've now got a four week break before 5 weeks of radiation, but apparently that is a walk in the park compared to chemo - it's just the everyday for 5 weeks part that gets tiring. Then there is Herceptin every 3 weeks until May next year, but apart from the odd heart ultrasound to check its not slowing down my heart there are no side effects from that.

So things are looking up. And I am so grateful for life.

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Giving Back Girl said...

What a feeling that must be! Enjoy the sun, enjoy spring and enjoy a chemo free calendar!!!