20 October 2010


I came across this blog Fight Like a Girl by a young mum who is going through breast cancer. Some of her writings are so wonderful and honest but this story she had just gave me such a good laugh. Check it out.

And what about these delights for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some people will do a cake for any reason (me included) but these wrecks are just crazy. Thanks to Cake Wrecks for finding these.

And talking about Breast Cancer seeing as its the month, check out what my husband did with his dirty work boots. He says its because his black laces broke and these were lying around the house after the Dove Pink Star Walk...and of course he also knows his work mates aren't going to hassle him about it!

Gotta love a man who's comfortable wearing pink...


Simoney said...

Awesome guy, that one! LOL

Sophie said...

Followed your links... I liked the post about the mammogram! :) Very touched by her more recent posts. So aware that what you are going through is worlds away from anything any of us could imagine.
love to you Mon,