29 January 2011

Things I'm Loving

Meeting up at Simoney's (from Greatfun4kids) house on a terrific day in Auckland. Sun was shining, had a couple of tired and shy girls with me, but all was fixed quickly enough with the playstation, dressups and iceblocks!
Thank you Simone, we had a lovely time. I sure did, sitting in your garden drinking virgin pina coladas and eating delicious cupcakes and drinking tea. Its nice to be on holidays hey? Hehe.

My baby gal doing dishes. With utter joy. And pink gloves.

More baking (for Simone and her Miss Fab). A lemon and polenta cake...post to come next week on that.

Giant vege growing in the garden...and cooking it for dinner.

Yikes the size of that is supposed to be this tiddler in front....they're a type of courgette. Not exactly pretty though.

but I let it grow...and grow...and grow.
Stuffed with herbs and veges and garlic and onion...Hmm mmm.

And this weekend, despite the rain I am being a photographers assistant on my first wedding shoot in Waiheke. Am so excited! (c'mon rain...go away!).

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Enjoy your weekend everyone!


PaisleyJade said...

Yay - love your list and your photography is amazing!! Thanks for joining in.

Sammy said...

Can't wait for that cake recipe.... I heard it's amazing! So amazing Simoney didn't even have dessert out with us that night!

Johnny said...

No way! And circus circus does an amazing chocolate cake too! Hope you had a good night.

Widge said...

yes that cake looks gooooood!

meg said...

You do take gorgeous photos! I hope the rain doesn't spoil the day too much and that you find good light some place dry!

Sophie said...

ahhh wow. Lovely photos of what looks like a lovely coffee date!

jacksta said...

great pics Mon. :)