18 March 2011

Things I'm Loving

Linking in with Paisley Jade this week;


Loving my birthday gal...

Loving having a day to sneak off with hubby, hire a golf cart and zip around South Head. Such a beautiful spot, and I may have had a few hits, but mostly left the golf to hubby while I snapped the camera, ate the lollies and drove the cart (like a crazy woman). So much fun!

Yeah, I still wanna live in the country...

Loving baking for Tennis club and the lovely people I get to see every Saturday. The comments and the community feel is so neat. And everyone is happy because I bring home the leftovers for the family to eat!

Summer picnics at the beach


jacksta said...

I love golf carting with hubby! So fun
That caramel Slice looks decadent...I wanna make some!
Great pics

PaisleyJade said...

I just love your list - still haven't ever played golf with my guy... on my bucket list! haha. Thanks so much for joining in.

Simoney said...

LOVE your pictures. Love that fairy cake.
Clever you, Mon.
Coffee sometime soonish?

Little Gumnut said...

that golf cart sounds fabulous fun!
loving your new blog header
loving the summer feel of your photos

Anonymous said...

I still can't get over that there are leftovers??? Who are these people - that food looks AMAZING! Also I loved your article in the Parenting mag - well done. For the bottom row bakers like me though - what is vanilla paste. I'm a low-brow vanilla essence kind of lass but I am intrigued!!

Mon said...

Vanilla paste? Its a small jar of concentrated vanilla - the inside of the pods all scraped together, and just a wee pinch of it makes a big difference. Equagold make the best one if you see it in the shop...