16 March 2011

A week in pictures

So I've been a busy bee, coming up with all sorts of new ventures and ideas for the Delissimon brand. Unfortunately, the blog site is falling behind as I've no time to spare to sit down and write a post. Grappling with new Photoshop assignments and wrapping my head around it is hard enough!
So I thought I'd include a few pictures from the week to compensate.
Not the best pic, but this is Madelines birthday cake...my big girl turned 9 on Monday!
And we had a pajama party!
Wahoo said Katie!
I think it went well. Only a few tears, and it was extremely late when they got to sleep. And that was only because I stumbled out at 1.20am to tell them to zip it. I think I was nice. Haha. Oh well, don't have to do that for another 9 months until Katie's 7th birthday. Yikes.

Some stunning late summer days. I say late summer because although its officially autumn, it sure ain't cold and we've still got daylight savings. I took this walking back to my car after Herceptin last week. The hospital carparking was full so I grabbed the opportunity to park in the domain and walk to the ward. Such a nice way to spend part of the day - especially considering the reason I'm over at Auckland Hospital. What's great is that there's only 5 more infusions to go! Yuss.

Johnny had his mate Fletcher over. They jumped and wrestled on my bed. Was hilarious to watch them.

And apart from baking like a mad woman with the tennis club and doing my assignments life is pretty full right now. But not crazy full. Satisfyingly full. I just need to keep it that way.

There are posts coming, on cherry pie, purple death, flapjacks and some fantastic in-season guava recipes. So pop back soon okay?


Hootnz said...

Love the cake you made for your daughters bday - very cute! You are a very busy lady, know how that feels(hence the reason why my blog is neglected too)... when the kids start racing up towards the double digits, it certainly becomes unbelievable, it seems to happen so quickly! Also good idea with the parking, never thought about that, may have to try that next time were at starship.

jacksta said...

Cool Pics Mon. I wouldn't have lasted til 1am to tell them to zip it!
Yay for only a few more Herceptins! With all that you are up to and still getting your health back, you inspire me so much. Praying you will be blessed with the best health of your life and complete healing!

Leonie said...

oh that cake is so cute!!!
And yay for ticking off the Herceptin treatments.