17 April 2011

12 Years

At our engagement

12 years ago I was barely 19 and super excited that I was going to be married in a few days to the boy I was besotted with since I was 15. Actually, I'm still rather besotted and he still makes me laugh.
Hens night with my dear Amy. I was too young to even go to a bar. Haha!

What could be better than a big party with all our friends and family? And I get to dress up! Perhaps given my age there were simply no nerves, just hours in the way of happily ever after. To be able to live with this boy man and have a life together just seemed natural and exciting.

Getting ready
Mums looking a bit nervous...
Was he as excited as I was? Looks like it.
Just before the rain came...we all look a bit dorky here.

Truthfully, the first year was bliss. Then life throws curveballs your way and you do a merry dance of compromise. Kids arrive, jobs change, bodies change, big decisions to make. Life goes so fast, blink and miss sometimes. Since that day in 1999 we've had 3 children, 6 cars, 1 pet, changed careers and...well actually we are still living on the same street, so we haven't travelled far! Haha! But still, we might not have travelled far in distance but the deepening of our relationship gets better with time. This man is my rock, my best friend, my strength, my practical man. Honest, real, loyal and solid. The best I could ever hope for.

My 21st present...my beloved RX-7
No room for 2 door cars now...Madeline makes her entrance

Here's to many more years honey.


Leonie said...

congratulations on 12 years!! What a beautiful post!

Hootnz said...

That was a lovely! And so much about marriage thats true! Well written. Congratulations! and many more years to come..... love the last photo :) Oh and I think I recognize Amy? Small world.

Lyns said...

Congratulations!! Great post x

Weza said...

Wow you really took me on a journey in that post. Great writing!
And I must say, I love your wedding dress! Gorgeous. Must be funny to look back and see how very young you looked. Funny that you were getting married but was too young to go to a bar. :)

jacksta said...

What a beautiful love story ♥ Congratulations!
I love that you have added a recipe index...will be looking in their for some much needed baking inspiration :)

Simoney said...

WOW. Gorgeous.
I thought that engagment pic was a recent one til i saw the caption! LOL.
You r still gorgeous.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow :)

Johnny said...

Thanks guys.
@Hootnz Amy was married to Matt whose mum lives next door to your mum...I forgot that! Small world
@Weza, my wedding dress was my fairytale dress. It's a Jane Yeh and I was the youngest bride she'd ever had! I think I might still hold the record...
@Simoney & Leonie, see you later this morning. I'm off to bake a cake now ;)

Vanessa said...

Congratulations hun!! and thank you for sharing!! Should a lovely post!! You look absolutely stunning and sounds like you have truly met your soulmate!! Wishing you both many many many many more happy years together!!! =)

Sophie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love looking at other people's wedding photos sticky beak that I am!!