02 April 2011


Here's the state of the magazine Sophie won WEEKS ago and didn't receive. I found this in the letterbox this afternoon after getting back from the tennis club.

And here's my reaction...

Why? Because it looks like a wild animal got hold of it before or after it got to Australia, then some nitwit or machine read the envelope wrong and instead of sending it onto Sophie, just send it back to the sender address. Ridiculous. Can I take this back to the post shop and complain??

Thanks Australia!?

Kinda glad you didn't receive it in this condition Sophie, as its pretty naffed anyway.

So, back to the start. Sophie, I shall be sending you a copy before the end of Autumn I PROMISE!


Hootnz said...

Oh that is so annoying, I had this happen to a parcel from america, but with contents removed! Its truly disheartning when this happens in the postal system

Little Gumnut said...

Oh dear!!! I'm chuckling as I read! We used to live in Pakistan where our post was regularly opened and read. One Christmas, well, actually it arrived in Feb or March, we received a parcel that should have got to us by Christmas, which had half the chocolate bars missing from the shrinkwrapped cardboard Christmas stocking my aunty had sent us kids! Good chocolate was a rarity in Pakistan!!

Simoney said...

A nitwit indeed.
Totally, take it back!!
(Which I am sure you have already done by now)
PS I am comment scrimoing, so also wanted to say: LOVE YOUR GINGERBREAD MEN!

Simoney said...

er, that was meant to be "Scrimping". See what happens when you scrimp?? You end up having to redo stuff anyway.